World Health Day 2015 : Food Safety

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The most important thing in life is health. Sound health is the major life-support element that induces perfect living. Therefore, it becomes highly necessary to focus on health and subsequently safe food. It is highly risky and fatal to consume unsafe food, which eventually leads to the demise of a large chunk of population every year. Unsafe foods containing viruses, bacteria, parasites or any chemical substances are alone accountable for diseases that range from Diarrhoea to Cancer.

Food safety is the matter of concern and needs thorough attention in order to build a healthy and sound society, wherein individuals can bring back their lives on a safe and healthy track.

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“Food Safety” is the theme for World Health Day 2015. Few of the things that affect national food safety systems are consumption & distribution, storage, alteration in food production, emerging patterns and adulteration. These things needs to be checked at the soonest and stringent policies should be made at local and international levels to harness the quality of food being supplied to the masses.

In this era of globalization, the supply chain of food items is being carried out at international levels and is not restricted to local countries. Therefore, it is high time to reinforce the food safety systems in and between all countries through transparent policies. No doubt, WHO is doing an exceptional job in promoting, executing campaigns and making efforts to improve food safety right from the grass-root level.

World Health Organization (WHO) works in conjunction with the UN Food and Agriculture to aware countries about food safety emergencies through an international information system. The prime purpose of WHO is to detect, prevent and respond to foodborne disease outbursts. Importantly, it works according to the internal food quality guidelines and codes.

Five simple keys to safety:

In order to maintain complete safety and hygiene in fooding habits, one should focus on the following points:

  • Keep clean at any cost
  • Cook food thoroughly and carefully
  • Filter raw material from cooked food
  • Store food item at safe and required temperature
  • Use clean and safe water while cooking

The prime purpose of World Health Day 2015 is to aware the mass about the importance of food safety and how it helps everyone in leading a healthy life.

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