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It has become a routine for smartphone manufacturing companies to come up with new phones, encouraging more and more users to take call of action. Today, Smartphones have become more than a gadget of entertainment as every smartphone has special features, which are configured for different purposes, making life easy for end-users. Known for innovation and modern designs, there is a wide collection of best smartphones in India, which you can choose according to your taste and preference. The trends that are followed by best smartphones are as follows:

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Build over specs

It is the demise of those days, when phones used to sell based on a faster processor. Now-a-days, every mobile phone has equally fast hardware and modern specifications. The fight is over innovative design and quality, and there the competition begins for reputed brands. Every mobile brand has become choosy about the choice of material of configuring best smartphones. While some brands prefer making smartphones using metal and high-strength glass, the others still use plastic. Whatever be the case, there has been an improvement in the quality of phones in recent times. In order to stay ahead in this era of stiff market competition, every brand is focusing on design and quality of phones. Be it use of metal alloys or different finishes and textures, every brand is seen innovating on their range with a prime focus on premium design and durability.

Size moderation                                      

Few years back, brands used to update their phones by just increasing the size of display screens by about half an inch as compared to the former model. This ideology has become so repetitive that it became predictable for everyone. However, this trend has changed now and most of the mobile brands are busy in updating their range in a 360 degree way.

Camera is crucial

As soon as a new smartphone is launched, the demos and presentation regarding that respective phone focuses a lot on its rear camera and tag it as the USP of the product. The cameras of every phone are considered to be a vital factor for customers while purchasing smartphones. Camera features like Optical Image Stabilization has now become a standard for most smartphones. Moreover, phones with low-light photography option, fast focus, ability to capture fast-moving objects, etc., are in huge demand.

Cool Selfies

The trend of taking selfies has just become so popular that everyone is seen posting their selfies in various social media platforms and sharing those moments with friends. Seeing this trend, mobile phone brands have started focusing on building high-end front cameras. Now-a-days, best smartphones come up with much advanced front facing cameras, keeping in mind the taste and preference of end-users.

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