Wear the right pair of shoes, and get noticed

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The right outfit is necessary for a presentable look. But, is it enough? Certainly not. The one most important thing that grabs the eyeballs of many is your shoes. In the first place, people notice your shoes before looking at you. Hence, a good and decent pair of shoes can make you earn all the praise and dignity of the world. Therefore, don’t let that first impression fade away. Here is an insight of what kind of footwear you should wear in order to sport the right attitude and charisma.



A major misconception that prevails in the mind of customers while buying a pair of sneakers is that it symbolizes style and flamboyance. However, one completely ignores the other factors such as comfort and adaptability. Therefore, you must act smart, and consider both style and comfort while buying a pair of sneakers. Buying the right-sized and shaped pair of sneakers is as important as vouching for style and fashion.

Few points to keep in mind.

  • Make sure to choose a pair of sneakers, which is darker in color as compared to the color of your trouser.
  • Never go for a pair, which is too fit or tight as it will affect your blood circulation.
  • Don’t forget to buy similar color polish and smooth polish to maintain your shoes and keep it new.

Ankle boots

Planning to buy a pair of Ankle Boots? Well, you have made the right decision as it will not only back you to walk on tough surfaces but also keep you under utmost comfort. Needless to say, a pair of ankle boots is versatile and durable. The major advantage of ankle boots is that they offer more protection against elements than shoes. It will be a wise decision to go for a pair of black, simple and typically-styled ankle boots as it will work with multiple outfits, and will serve your needs to perfection. No matter, whichever path you take, a pair of ankle boots will back you to walk through the tough roads without any type of hassle. Nevertheless, ankle boots will not sit well with formal dressing, but will go perfect with casual outfits.


If you are young at heart, carry a cool attitude and always want to rule the streets of fashion, then reach out for a pair of stylish loafers. Loafers are a more casual option and go perfect with cargos, denims, shorts and track pants. The best thing about loafers is that they come in variety of shades and styles, giving you the space to choose from a varied range. Make sure to team up a pair of loafers with a casual tee and a pair of rugged denim jeans while stepping outdoors.

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