Trekking in Indian Himalayas with family

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Breaking out from the monotony of mundane objectives of life, it deserves an on-board trip to Himalaya, which may wrap you in the thunder of limitless and bring the lesson of broadness to learn. Tearing apart the clouds, talking to the storm and having the courage to meet the sky, these Indian Himalayan ranges are a matter of self-realization, unfolding a new story of living.

Go for it! Trekking in Indian Himalayas with Family is the next big thing that life can serve you on the dish of adventure and thrill. This is the journey, where every step will count and with each heart beat you will start unveiling the mysteries of nature. The forbidden peaks of Himalayas are always in search for visitors, who could embrace it without having the fear to march. As a trekker, if you want to observe nature through the eyes of adventure and listen to its cosmopolitan language, a trek to Indian Himalayas with family is the need of the hour.

Be the master of your wandering thoughts while you walk down the rocks and bring out your frolicsome nature in collecting the fragments of memoirs through these snow-clad mountains. A whole new story of fanatic exploration to the mystical journey awaits you, walk ahead of all bigotry beliefs of civilization and try finding some relief in witnessing the undefined nature in these Himalayan ranges.

But, as another journey at the back of this half eagerly awaits your arrival, and that is the call from your sweet home, you must play safe and take of certain things. Remember! You are no monk, and must return on safe hands. The following points will make your journey as a Trekker not only engaging but also safe and secure.

Plan your Budget

The first and foremost is to have a thorough check-in at your budget, which will help you in taking control of the journey and back in making tough decisions. You need a proper budget plan in order to set for an independent journey to Himalaya.

Timing matters

Make sure you are choosing the Himalayan destination as per the favorable seasons. Weather plays an important role in deciding the fate of your journey. As in case of heavy monsoon rains, try avoiding the place like Himachal, Uttaranchal, Sikkim and Darjeeling in the months of July and August.

Stay Safe

No matter whatever you are doing, safety comes at the first place, and Trekking is no other exception. The travel plan goes beyond the certificates of government permissions as when it comes to safety there are lot more things than that to keep a hawk eye. Ensure to take the advices of expert travel advisor and guides. Further, carry all the requisite safety equipment, important essentials and travel maps that will make your journey way easier.

Have respect for the environment

Unnecessary starting of wood fires or polluting water resources is not going to help you at all but will land you in a series of mess. Have some respect for the ecosystem and make sure to keep the surroundings around your campsite clean.

Medicine – The second God

Bring all the essential medication with you while marching for a Trek. It will help you in some minor injuries and will give instant relief. However, in case of emergency, do not act like a professional doctor as it can worsen the situation. Be patient and try finding contacting the locals in such condition.

              Enchant the mantra of “prevention is better than cure” and march forward on the journey to Himalaya, which shows the path to eternally pure.

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