Top 7 Mobile Instant Messaging Applications

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From the era of letters, to the age of e-mails and Short Messaging Service (SMS); the journey of communication has been eventful. Things turned even better when the Mobile Instant Messaging Applications boomed in common man’s life as a revolution. It may have turned out to be quite a normal thing now, but way back then, nobody imagined their life with the Instant Messaging applications which will not only help them share messages, but also images and videos.

Getting in touch with closed ones who live far off is a necessity, which was previously fulfilled by phone calls and Short Messaging Service, but now you can use the service of Instant messaging applications which are convenient to use, faster and so much in fashion.

Top 7 Instant Messaging Applications

Read on to know about the Top 7 Mobile Instant Messaging Applications, which are used most commonly by the younger generation.

1.       Whatsapp: The much used and so much in trend application, Whatsapp is on top of our list. Whatsapp is an instant messaging application which helps you in exchanging text messages, voice messages, pictures, music, and videos with the help of mobile internet or Wi-Fi. Founded in 2009 by veterans of yahoo, this application is available for use in all the smart phones, be it Windows, IOS, Symbian, or BlackBerry and much to our surprise, it is free of cost for most of the Operating systems but paid for some. Additional features like group chat, sharing location, status and profile pictures makes this app even more personalized.

2.       BBM: Remember when all the Blackberry users used to flaunt their BBM like it’s their style statement? And now is the time when BBM is carried away from them and accessible to all those people who carry smart phones. Sharing instant messages, music files, images and videos can be done instantly, that too for free. While Blackberry users still have to pay every month for their BBM, but other Smart phone users can use this app for free. 

3.       LINE: Get closer to the world with the LINE App. LINE is a mobile messenger application which features various stickers and is designed to make free voice and video calls with the help of 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. Download LINE right now and enjoy making free calls and also enjoy messaging your friends. With this application you can also enjoy communicating with groups. Join groups, create new groups and make life easier and effortless with everything communicated in a single go. The unique feature of this application is that you can add your friends by simply shaking your devices together. Isn’t that awesome? 

 4.       Viber: Viber Media developed an instant messenger called Viber, which is useful for messaging and voice chat. The amazing application is designed for BlackBerry, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Symbian, and BADA. Interestingly, Viber launched its desktop version recently which helps you sync your contacts from your smart phone and also chat through your desktop. You can download Viber from your App Store and enjoy chatting with your friends instantly.

5.       Skype: Making voice calls to friends and family around the world just got easier, that too for free! You can either use the desktop or your mobile phone for making voice calls via Skype. All you need is a smart device, Skype application, an internet connection and a front camera! You can also exchange instant messages with this app. So, how about downloading it right away? 

 6.       Hangout: Few of you must be thinking what Hangout actually is, but believe me you know about this application. The G Talk is renamed as Hangout. Known for instant messages and video chat mainly, the Hangout supports voice chat too. You can now talk face to face from your computer or smart phone to anybody for free with Hangout. It’s faster, smoother and free!

 7Nimbuzz: Log in to Nimbuzz, the superb networking application which lets you access your Facebook, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo and Google Talk all together. Not only this, you can also enjoy free calling and low cost international calling, drag and drop music files, movies, photos and so much more.


The above mentioned are the Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications. Download the applications you like among these and make your journey of communication smarter and simpler!

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