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Make a smart move with the latest trend in town; grab the Smart phones that make your life smoother, faster and technologically advanced. A huge number of people, even from the middle class mobs are able to talk about Smart phones, only because of the Android phones being quite affordable. At entry-level, smart phones would not have been so successful if only, Apple and Samsung would have launched them. Companies like Micromax, Karbonn etc. play a great role in making the Smart phones a big success.

For some who have confusion of what a Smartphone really is, let me clarify, a Smartphone is much more than just Dual SIM, better connectivity and music features. It’s more like you add life to a gadget, you insert up a better processor, good battery backup, a great camera, crystal clear display, enough storage space, multiple windows and more. Deciding to buy a Smart phone is a big decision, but it is not that tough, so you don’t need to leave everything and think about it for a whole day, whole week and a furthermore, a month. You just need a good research, a little brain, enough money and you are done! While the world is going crazy for which phone to grab, here are a few tips for Smart people to make this decision easier.

Focus on the following features before buying a Smartphone:-
1.   Operating system: The latest Operating systems are: Windows 8 for window phone, Jelly Bean version 4.2 or Kitkat for Android phone and Ios7 for Apple’s iPhone. You have to choose which one would you like your phone to work on. All these Operating system differ in functionality, i.e., these OS have different apps and programs and among these Android is the most preferable for a large number of masses, since it is present in a lot of exciting mobile phone models, the reason being its affordability and smooth functioning at the same time.  

2.   Physical Characteristics: Another significant feature while choosing your Smart phone is the how your phone looks and what are its physical characteristics? Buyers must have an idea in the back of their mind about the physical characteristics that they are looking for, including:  

a.   The Display Size: Most buyers for whom Smart phones are new, look for a decent screen size, while other who are bored of using their old Smartphone’s are desperately looking for a big screen phone with at least 4 inch display screen and good resolution. You have so many screen size options to choose from while choosing Android or even Windows Models, while the iPhone does not offer you many choices, but the advanced Retina Display Technology is standard in these models. You can rely on your personal preference for the screen size.

b.   Camera: Many consumers are fussy about their phone camera as they want it to be great enough to cover up their daily needs of photography.  A minimum of 5 Megapixels Camera is a must, while if you are spending good money on your Smart phone, you expect at least 8 Megapixels with flash. The secondary camera is the other greed of a Smart phone User to help them in clicking self-portraits and enjoy video calling too. On the top of it, video recording facility should harmonize the Smartphone as well.  

3.   Memory Storage and Battery Backup: Having smart features and low battery is not a good choice. Smart phone users will never like carrying their chargers all day long and searching for power plug points to charge their phone. So, a good battery backup is a must. Any user would want his/her handset to work smooth as butter, and memory space is a feature that affects the functioning of the phone largely. So, better the RAM and storage space, smoother the Smartphone.  

4.   Connectivity and Communication: Do not stir away from the main feature of the phone, i.e., calling and connectivity. Make sure you grab a phone which has great network carrier options, as well as good enough connectivity speeds so that calling and connecting to the internet becomes hassle free.

5.   Carry out a Comparison of diverse Smartphone Features: Before you buy your Smartphone make sure you finalize a budget and search to compare the smart phones that you have shortlisted. You just need this to make a better choice.   Go on! HAPPY SHOPPING!

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