The men’s guide: Travel with the right outfits.

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Travelling is as tough as breaking the mountains if not planned properly and as comfortable as bed of roses if planned heftily. Men usually travel a lot and for that they need to focus on comfortable clothing, which can make their travel fruitful and effective. Owing to varied geographical conditions across the globe, the weather conditions do not follow parity and hints you to stay flexible and choose the right outfits for a specific destination. For instance, weather in the coast and inland plains can trouble you with its warm climate while the climatic condition in Northern India and the Himalayan regions can be chill-fully cold. What to do? Here’s the answer – Before you start packing for a travel ride, make sure to find out exactly where you are going and what’s the average seasonal temperature prevailing there during your proposed trip.


Unlike your daily-life outfits, travel specific clothing demands precise selection of garments. It is strictly recommended to avoid cotton as it is not lightweight and not breathable at all. An intelligent decision will be to opt for lightweight clothing that soaks the moisture from your skin, giving you the space to stay cool and fresh all day long. Moreover, lightweight cloths are easier to pack, consuming less space of your travel bag. Lightweight cloths act as a dual advantage for both warm and cold climatic conditions since they are breathable and absorb the sweat on one hand while it keeps you comfortable when you are layering in cold weather. Even for an adventurous travelling ride where you need to hike and trek down the mountains, these types of cloths are perfect to carry. However, in the most of the cases travel clothing do not looks fancy and stylish but are comfortable. Sometimes, you don’t need to stay fashionable but comfortable. Remember that while travelling!

Scroll down to check out the best men’s clothing for travelling down the memory lane:

Choose the T-shirts, which have great moisture absorbing capacity. Such T-shirts are good alternative to cotton. It is an Ideal wear to have while travelling in hot places.

They might not look fashionable and stylish but Zip-off convertible pants are comfortable to wear while hiking and trekking as they are lightweight. Moreover, it consumes less space for packing.

While travelling and walking around cities, temples, churches, museums and hiking, make sure to pack lightweight, moisture absorbing button-ups. These are very breezy and cool during hot summers.

For layering up in colder climatic conditions, mid-weight thermal shirts are an ideal outfit. They are not heavy yet have the capacity to keep you warm and breathable.

Microfleece is another outfit to have while travelling in cold. They are warm and light in weight, perfect for layering in chilly climatic conditions.

In the footwear section, keep your eyes open on the following:

Quality Socks – It is quite bizarre that people value something less important but that’s not the case. While buying time on packing authentic shoes, make sure to choose quality socks rather than opting for cheap ones. Quality socks will help in preventing blisters, will stop odor and will keep your feet comfortable.

Support & Insoles – While opting for shoes ensure to see that your shoes have proper support for your feet. A quality pair of insoles can make boots and shoes much more comfortable and adds extra support to flats. This will help you walk down the long roads without any kind of trouble.

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