The latest mobile phones that have become the talk of the town.

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In this fast moving world, one thing that is moving faster is the mobile industry. It is almost every day, something exciting is happening in this industry and marketers are coming up with latest phones from time to time. Seeing the cluttered market and ever-increasing demand for mobiles, latest mobile phones are emerging in the market just like a group of ants in the piece of a sweet. Subsequently, the existing top brands takes this a challenge and keep on innovating with their current product, always ready with something new for customers. Quite clearly, this proves the evolving and prosperous future of mobiles phones in India. Keeping this fact in mind, we have come with those latest phones, which are an end-result of customers demand and brands quest to excellence.

Motorola Droid Turbo


It is a perfect size Smartphone, which is powerful and ensures high-end performance. Driven by Android OS with launch OS version 4.4, this phone has become the talk of the town.

Pros: Strong battery life, exquisite AMOLED screen, smooth navigation.
Cons: No microSD, the home screen wakes up often and bit heavy to hold.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus


Just because of miniscule stature avoiding an iPhone is not a better option now. iPhone 6 plus feels more smoother as compared to other phones, flaunts a high-end camera and has the best app selection. It runs on iOS, version 8 and performs in a swift way.

Pros: Top-class design, high quality and its reachability feature makes the size manageable.
Cons: Its large size becomes a bit uncomfortable to hold and 16GB memory storage on base model is not sufficient.

Apple iPhone 6


Being a significantly bigger phone than its counterparts, iPhone 6 is still manageable when it comes to size. If you are regular user of iPhone and still making your mind to grab a phablet, iPhone 6 may be the right answer to that.

Pros: Premium build quality, crisp, bigger screen and powerful camera with striking video features.

Cons: No microSD, not waterproofed and small battery.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active


Samsung Galaxy S5 Active works in the technology of tactile buttons and a solid plastic shell rather than adopting the fingerprint reader. Importantly, it has got strong battery backup and guarantees high-end performance. Galaxy S5 features an advance touchscreen, front-facing camera and external memory storage option along-with 4G.

Pros: powerful camera, powerful performance, microSD, ruggedized exterior and long battery life.

Cons: phone starts vibrating when the speaker is cranked and no fingerprint reader.

Motorola Moto X (2014)

moto x

Motorola stunned with its launch of Moto X. Nevertheless, the second generation is far more better. The improved screen, top-class processor and customized design make this phone a truly worth smartphone.

Pros: whopping screen size for great viewing experience, personalized design and high-end processor.

Cons: average battery life and not a great camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:


This phone is classic example of how great a phablet can be. If not the very best, it is one of the best Android phones available in the market currently.

Pros: High-end processing power, great big-screen features, strong battery life

Cons: managing screen size becomes difficult, not waterproof and S-pen controls hidden in settings.



LG’s come back was all due to LG G3, and is now considered to be one of the best Android phones of 2014. Its high quality camera and stunning Quad HD screen along-with its sleek design puts it in the top of the list.

Pros: Stylish metal-look rear panel, laser-autofocus works swiftly, brilliant Quad HD screen.

Cons: Spotty game performance, LG health isn’t effective.


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