Smart dressing tips for men with average body type

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Fashion apparels are one major part of lifestyle, which distinguishes a man’s personality and giving him an edge over dignity and grace. Nevertheless, it is important to know that dressing accordingly and apt is not a child’s play as one should be aware of his body type, and thereby wear apparels that fit best. Outfits according to your body type are the key to your comfort and style. You should never follow anyone’s dressing sense and must not try to adapt their dressing codes as it might not suit you. First-of-all, know your body type, and try some outfits according to that, which may serve you best in terms of comfort and style. Moreover, wearing apparels according to body type will not only enhance your personality but also will make your comfortable. Importantly, clothes that fit flawlessly and are able to highlight the important features without overdoing anything is the need of the hour.

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Here are some tips for men with average body type:

Style and looks do matter!                      

Men with average body type should choose from a range of styles that backs in adding visual length and cut widths. Three-buttoned single-breasted and two-buttoned single-breasted suits are ideal outfits for them, giving a neat line and length. In addition, blazers and jackets should fall slightly below the buttons. Too long a length will make the legs appear shorter than they actual are while too short a length will cut the body in half, which will not look good by any means. Men with average body type should avoid wide lapels and pocket flaps, and should refrain from wearing suspenders.

Trousers with smallest rise look good on men with average body type. Further, button down and regular collars work best on such body type. To say the least, one should opt for clothes that are trim and not baggy.

Fabrics, patterns and colors – The basic elements

Expert says, bold colors suits well for men with average body type. Dark colors generally tend to have a slimming effect while heavy and thicker patterns do not go well with average body type. Rather than choosing clustered patterns go for smaller and neat prints. Self-color motifs work fine along-with vertical stripes. Medium and light weight fabrics along-with fabrics with good fall works the best.


A slim tie will apparently suit an average body dimension. A small sized pattern on tie looks best. Moreover, in order to avoid a gap, ties should reach the belt buckle.

Keeping all these tips in mind, you can shop freely and accordingly to your body type, which will do justice to your decent personality. Make sure to find the best range of Men Clothing in terms of comfort, style and perfection.

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