She has these 5 wardrobe essentials, do you?

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It was the same summer days, the mundane routine and that orthodox reflection of idleness at every face. However, she chose to stay different and was able to divulge something out-of-the-box that made the till-now monotonous world look graceful.

What was the secret that she was carrying along-with her that made everyone fall at her feet?

The secret of her wardrobe collection!

A white Shirt:

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She is a smart girl, and knows the basic funda of fashion, which is to keep it simple and stylish. A white shirt never goes out of the fashion streak, and she knows to wear it differently for different occasions. For evening parties, she clubs the white shirt with a sparkling jacket, and teams up the white shirt with pencil skirt while hitting the office floor. Being a traveler, she swiftly clubs the white T-shirt with a pair of short denim jeans during beach parties.


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That’s the essence of a modern Indian woman! She equally values the tradition and culture of India, and does not shy away from ethnic wears. She has Kurtis in her wardrobe and considers it essential as it is comfortable to wear and backs her in flaunting Indian beauty. Moreover, she experiments with this dress by teaming it up with jeans, skirts and leggings.

All-purpose Jackets


As a modern woman, she loves and adores the Hollywood fashion, and has bagged a multi-purpose Jacket. It helps her to dress in a more structured and stylish way. Even a simple dress can do the job for her if she adds the jacket on top of it.

Anarkali/ Patiala Suits

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Oooo Hoo! She wears different character, and loves to hold the tag of “master of disguise” Catch her, if you can! She is a frolicsome girl, and has an Anarkali Suit in her wardrobe. Any day, it is the best outfit and looks great. Seriously, she is on her way to become the symbol of undefined beauty. That’s cool!

Ballerina – the right way to go!

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She proudly accepts and admits the fact of her existence and identity. She is not a high-class woman or a celebrity, and has the fate of doing more walking rather than walking down from a luxury car. Therefore, she chose to have a pair of Ballerina, but not a high-heel sandal. It makes her happy to wear them and walk swiftly down the roads without worrying about the swelling on her feet.

*Seeing the blistering heat and the challenging summers, she recently got her a pair of cool Aviators.

Who is she?

We are searching for her in you!

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