Personal care, hygiene and styling tips for men

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It’s an ever-continuing debate when it comes to men’s lifestyle quotient. The misconception that hovers in the modern society is about beauty and personal care, which according to many is only constrained to the feminine section. Nevertheless, men too need styling and hygiene classes in order to justify their distinguished and neat identity. Now, the main question remains, in what ways a man can adopt certain styling mantra to build a personality that may eventually become symbolic in terms of neatness, hygiene and charming looks. It’s simple! Own a grooming kit that includes a hair dryer, trimmer, shaver and hair straightener. This will not only help you in maintaining hygienic lifestyle but also groom your personality, giving you a fresh and cool look.

Panasonic EH NE15 Hair Dryer


Panasonic EH NE15 hair dryer is a unisex personal care product. Now-a-days, modern men are seen using this product in order to keep their hair maintained and dry after a shower. Make sure to use it after having a bath, and apply it on your hair to make it silky, dry and smooth. It is outfitted with 3 temperature/speed selection buttons, allowing you flexibility for drying and styling your hair. Moreover, the dryer has foldable handle, which makes it easy to carry and storage. This is an automatic overheating protective device, giving you the space to suffice your styling needs.

Philips AT890 Shaver


Enjoy a refreshing and cool shaving with Philips AT890 shaver without worrying about any cuts on your skin. This shaver will allow you to carry a fresh and charming look, making you presentable and neat all the way. The shaver has Aquatec seal, which ensures a comfortable dry and wet shave as well. For better performance, you can use it with shaving gel or foam for smooth shaving and skin comfort. Moreover, the DualPrecision blades make sure you get a comfortable and smooth shaving all-round. Use it in the shower with your favorite shaving gel, and you are bound to get a fresh and cool look.

Philips NT9110 nose, ear and eyebrow hair trimmer


The personality not only depends on charming look but also rely upon neatness and hygiene. Therefore, make sure to adopt a complete personality, and set an example for others. It’s simple, bring home this Philips NT9110 nose, ear and eyebrow hair trimmer, and start taking care of your looks and personality in the most refreshing way. This trimmer works with a powerful precision micro-trimmer for a fast, safe and hassle-free trimming experience. It is a highly trusted and reliable trimmer, keeping you out from the worries of pulling, nicks and cuts. Importantly, the soft grip of the trimmer ensures maximum control.

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