Nokia X Android Smartphone Unveiled: Will it be a Hit or a Miss?

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Are you excited for the new Android based Smartphones by Nokia? I just can’t believe if you aren’t! The Company Nokia who has been the pride of so many people for years was beaten via the unquestionable competition by Samsung when it started launching its Android Smartphones. One after the other, Samsung left no price range to launch its Smartphone. But now, finally, Nokia has decided to smack Samsung and other Brands back with a bang! Though it is just starting up with its Android based Nokia Series, I am sure the competition that it will give to Samsung is going to be tough!

Talking about the Nokia X Series, the company is all set to build up its reputation again with its Android-based Smartphones in the Indian market. The new Nokia X is based on the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. It is also expected that the company will announce Nokia X+ and XL Smartphones. The luscious colors with a tough Nokia build quality will be well accompanied by the Android Operating system this time.

While Nokia XL is expected to have the biggest touchscreen among these three, i.e, 5- inch; the Nokia X and X+ will probably have 4-inch screens. Furthermore, the Nokia XL will have a 768MB RAM, 5 Megapixels Primary Camera with  auto-focus and LED flash on the back and a 2 Megapixels front camera and the Nokia X will be featuring a 512MB RAM, whereas the Nokia X+ will be featuring a 768MB RAM.

All these Nokia devices will operate on a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and have Dual-SIM functionality too. Access to 3G Networks and a display resolution of 800x480pixels will be sported by the X series. In terms of memory, a 4GB microSD card will be free with X+ and XL, but unluckily not with the entry-level Nokia X.

What’s new is the ‘customized’ version of Android, which will not be accessible to the Play store. Furthermore, the Microsoft’s cloud services like SkyDrive and One Drive will be available instead of the Google’s software. Free space of around 10GB for One Drive Storage along with a month of Unlimited free calls to landlines and mobiles is also an offer that many of the Nokia fans will be attracted to!

The mediocre hardware specifications and the fact that the phone is loaded with the old Android version of play store, might be a factor that will let you down, but the price that Nokia is offering might boost you up again! At a price tag of around Rs. 8599, you can grab your Nokia X Android Smartphone which has been now officially launched.

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