Mediation is a must for maintaining sound health.

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It’s worth turning the pages of traditional history to find some productive answer in the pursuit for modern living, healthy living to be precise. Mediation is one such topic, which is widely discussed now-a-days and has become the life support element for those, who are looking to see their life running on the track of sound health and fitness. If done properly and regularly, meditation will apparently help you in leading a healthy life in the long run of living agenda.

It is a focused practice in which an individual trains his/her body to connect with the mind in a mode of consciousness to release positive energy. Though, mediation is vast topic, which revolves around various subjects, understanding the basics of meditation and its simple breathing exercises can surely help its practitioner to relish an indestructible sense of well-being while indulging in day-to-day activity.

Here are some tips and lessons of mediation techniques that can help you in building a calm, composed and healthy life, all-together.

As said earlier, there are various types of mediation, but the most basics include – Paying attention to the breath, to listen and to be still. One can learn these basics and implement the same after practicing them on daily basis.


To begin with mediation, start by focusing at one breath at a time. For example, before you rush to receive your next mail, stop. Be still, and take a deep breath. It will certainly give you a new flurry of fresh energy and relaxations, making your body feel free from anxiety. Again, if you are sitting on your chair and need to rush to another room for grabbing a coffee, make sure to take a deep breath before doing that. It will make a big difference in your life while approaching towards things.

That breath will give you a sense of, It’s OK. And, it will give you the space to relax your mind. In order to make mediation a part of your daily life, here are some important tips:

Get comfortable, free yourself, and pick a cushion, chair or a bench outdoors. Turn off all the music, set aside your mobile and make some room for yourself.

Now, start paying attention to your breathing system. Simply, breathe in and breathe out with full attention and be present. You don’t need to force it, pay attention and let it happen naturally. The more you practice, the more it will get deeper and hence productive.

While meditating, make sure to keep your mind still. Do nothing will mediating and don’t try to figure out your daily life schedule in-between mediation. When you mediate, you should leave your body and mind free, wherein you are not allowed to think anything else. Just be aware. Moreover, try to be consistent and focused while you mediate. Choose the same place for daily mediation and with daily practice, everything will fall in the right place.

Give it a shot, start meditating for at-least 5 minutes on daily basis, and feel the positive changes in your life.

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