Low Cost Mobile Phones with Smart Features

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Smartphones and feature phones have a thin line between them. What‘s innovative is the Smart feature phones. They don’t just have smart features but are also smartly priced & smartly targeted! They save a lot of money which you can invest in other valuable things in this wild era of technology. You can buy other smart gadgets like laptops and desktops which are of great use these days.


Today, techno freaks are meant to seize your image if you do not carry a reputed phone, no matter whatever you think! Even if you think that having a smartphone is not that necessary, the world around is going to force you to believe that it is necessary! Talk about the Samsung Smartphones, Upcoming Nokia Windows phone, iPhone and other Smartphones; for some they might be overhyped but some people just can’t imagine their life without them. But what if you get smart features in a low cost phone? Would you give it a try? Read on to know the Smart features that you can get in a low cost phone.

•     Big Screen: Big screens were initially what high-end phone with high prices had, but is that the same now? No!!
Even Low cost phones have big screen these days! Don’t believe me? Did you just check out LEMON P103, the Android phone which will set your heart racing with its 5 inch display screen at only Rs. 4999/-. The phone also possesses other features like GPRS, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot and more.You must have a look at it!

You can also check out other phones by Karbonn and Micromax, and I am sure you will be able to choose better.

•     Dual Camera/ Dual SIM: Dual SIM phones have become the need of the hour, plus the Dual Camera is what everybody craves for! Selfies are becoming famous these days and the effective video calls with the front camera of your phone bring people from around the world closer! You must have a look at the Dual SIM phone with Dual Camera i.e, 3 Megapixel Back and 0.3 Megapixel Front, if you are really looking for a useful and entertaining phone. Check out the SALORA VALUMAXX E1, the phone which is available only at Rs. 2999/- with additional features too. You can also look for the VOX 4 SIM MOBILE V5555, the exciting Big Screen phone with 4 SIM support which is also available at Rs. 2999/-

•     Android Operating System with 1 GHz Processor: The Android Smartphones please the eye, but there is a misconception that they kill your pocket deeply! This isn’t true! There are certain companies like Karbonn, Micromaxx, Olive, Lemon, Onida and even more who have been trying hard to build a reputation among its customers beating the high-end phones with their Low-Cost Smartphones. Try looking at the phones which suit your pocket and you will get a long list to choose from! You can also look at ONIDA I099, which runs on Android v4.0 Ice-cream Sandwich and possesses a 1 GHz processor to enable multi-tasking.

•     Big battery: Big battery will not only let you talk to your friends for long hours, but also let you enjoy listening to music and play videos for long hours. The KARBONN K62 PLUS is a great example of one of those phones. The 1050 mAh battery backup of this Karbonn handset makes it a worth buy. It is available at only Rs. 2499/- that too with exciting freebies. In case you need another phone with even better battery, the SALORA VALUMAXX E1 might please you with its 1500 mAh battery backup.

Buying the Expensive Smartphone Online is a good idea but only if you can afford it. Else, buying the Cheapest Smartphones Online could be a great deal for you as you might get great discounts, exciting offers and Freebies additionally when you buy it online. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the Best Phone with Smart Features which suits your pocket.

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