Launch of Microsoft Lumia 535 Smartphone.

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Microsoft taking over Nokia was the most sought after news in recent times. Now, the cloud over that finally seems to have cleared, giving the first glimpse of Microsoft branded Smartphone Lumia 535. No wonder, the name, Nokia will not be associated with it any more as Microsoft has fully taken over it. With the launch of Microsoft Lumia 535, the world of mobiles will never be the same as this is considered to be one of the biggest brands repositioning of present times. Once a conglomerate and prolific market player in the domain of mobile phones, Nokia has called its day and Microsoft has successfully filled the void. Now, the question that lingers in the market is, how well can Microsoft serve its customers and their ever-lasting expectations when it comes to out-of-the-box Smartphones. It may be too quick to judge the potential of Microsoft Smartphone; however, it is just a matter of time to witness what lies in the innovative kitty of this brand that can entice customers of India, who rate mobile phones third to their passion list after Cricket and Bollywood.


The brand new Lumia Smartphone from Microsoft will be made available in two variants – single SIM and dual SIM. It has got a bright and wide display screen of 5 inches along-with a powerful 5 megapixels front and rear camera. In addition, users can enjoy free integrated Microsoft experiences including Skype and OneNote at a cost-effective price. Both, Microsoft Lumia 535 and Lumia 535 dual SIM phone are identical in terms of their specifications; excluding the fact that the latter phone features dual SIM support. The Microsoft Lumia Smartphone is driven by Windows phone 8.1 clubbed with Lumia Denim updates. Moreover, the Smartphone is boosted by quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with clock speed of 1.2GHz. Further, it is supported by 1GB RAM and has got 8GB of in-built memory storage, which can be expanded up to 128 GB via microSD card. This Smartphone also comes up with 15GB of free OneDrive cloud storage. Microsoft has stated that the Lumia 535 will be available in several color variants, which includes Bright Green, Cyan, Dark Grey, Bright Orange and Black. Apart from this, the smartphone also supports Bluetooth LE and can easily connect to several devices such as Cloud Bang and portable wireless speaker.

Meantime, there are various other Smartphones that have already showed their dominance in the market and doing wonders. To name a few, one is HTC Desire T329W X Dual SIM, which has become the talk of the town owing to its mind-boggling features and classy design. Staying updated and making the right choice is what can make every customer sneak out the best Smartphone at best price.

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