Impress girls by the way you look!

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You just cannot leave home without clothes, so why not wear the good ones? Grab those eyeballs; let women stare at you sometimes, instead of you staring at them all the while! Remember making the first impression is easy, rather than making efforts later. They say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but the cover is one important thing that makes you select a book!

While you choose how to dress like a man, make sure you take care of the following points:

1. Dress according to your physique: Make sure you look like a Hero while you leave your home; avoid looking like those skinny men who just have bones in their body and no flesh, and when they dress up; tights is what they choose! Like clothes are hung up in a hanger, or a hippo is wearing skin tight clothes; let this be a strict NO-NO! Shop clothes that are in trend and look perfect on your body!

Dress according to Physique

2. Get a decent haircutt: Get a decent haircut so that your hair doesn’t look messy and stays fresh the whole day. Opt for hair products that suit your hair and do not damage them. Shampoo your hair regularly and keep getting a haircut whenever needed.

Decent Haircut

3. Get a close shave: Shave and trim your beard from time to time! Get good shavers and trimmers, infact look for a Latest Grooming Kit that suits your pocket and your style and just buy it. If you have too much hair on your body, that can be a turn-off for women around, you better trim them too if you think it’s too girly to wax them!

close shave

4. Smell Good: Taking a bath is not just enough, you need to carry a good Perfume too. Remember that Axe advertisement; if you smell good, you might get girls around, checking you out!

men should smell good

5. Keep it simple: Guys, keep it simple with the simple yet stylish clothes. Keep upgrading your wardrobe from time to time. Don’t ever over-do it, just to impress girls; because it is not going to work anyway! Girls, do not prefer men who have no dressing sense, so get rid of your old flashy watch, throw away those tacky trousers and pointed shoes and spare girls on the go!

6. See if your suit is really stylish: If you want to dress like a man, make sure you do not end up wearing shabby suits with flashy colors, rough fabric and unmatched buttons. Make sure you match everything perfectly and dress elegantly!

7. Be a Gentleman: Before you talk like a Gentleman, you must look like one! Choose clothes, shoes and all the stuff you carry like a man! Stop being shabby and just ridiculous! Wear clean and ironed clothes, polished shoes, clean face and hands and everything neat and tidy! You are good to go!

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