How to maintain your blood pressure and lead a healthy life?

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The simple way to live happily is by maintaining sound health. Needless to say, health is the foremost inducing factor that keeps the spokes of human beings run smoothly and swiftly.

It’s very important to create a balance between blood pressure and body weight as it is one of the major attributes of our health. Have you even wondered about the blood pressure readings? Have you got your blood pressure checked recently? If not, then make sure to keep a track of your blood pressure and hence keep it under control through a balanced diet. Subsequently, it will back you to lead a healthy and happy life.

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Now-a-days, anxiety, stress and tensions have become an integral part of an individual’s life, which leads to hypertension or high blood pressure, certainly not good for health. Therefore, it is recommended to get your blood pressure checked from time to time. Moreover, for people above 40, it becomes absolutely necessary to go for a routine blood pressure check as the risk of high blood pressure is high in people of age group between 40- 60 years.

As high blood pressure leads to heart attacks and strokes, one must prioritize his/her schedules to get the blood pressure checked on time. even if one has normal BP readings, he/she must keep on continuing the process to tack the BP readings on regular basis, because as they – “prevention is better than cure”

What is your BP reading?

  • Normal Blood Pressure – Systolic pressure less than 120 and diastolic less than 80
  • Prehypertension – Systolic between 120 and 139 and diastolic between 80 and 89
  • High Blood Pressure – Systolic pressure over 139 and diastolic pressure over 89

Based on such readings, you can see what you need to do to control your blood pressure and hence maintain it.

Important tips for keeping blood pressure under control

There are several reasons that lead to high blood pressure. However, you can control your blood pressure by following the following tips:

Exercise: The main reason exercise is so effective at maintaining normal blood pressure is because it stimulates your body, helping in the release of a chemical substance called nitric acid. Subsequently, this acid induces blood vessels to open up, and hence reduces the blood pressure. In addition, doing a fair bit of exercise also strengthens your heart muscle, aid weight loss and reduces stress to a certain level.

Losing weight: It’s a known fact that body weight and blood pressure are directly proportional to each other. More the body weight more will be the blood pressure. An overweight person is always prone to heart related diseases and diabetes. Therefore, losing as low as 10 pounds on a regular interval will bring good to you.

Eat healthy: You must take your diet very seriously, and refrain from consuming foods, which include too much fat and oil. Start preparing a balanced diet chart for you, and work upon that to lead a healthy life. Clinical studies have shown that a diet high in fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, whole grains and fish really works good.

In short, maintain a balanced diet, do a lot of exercises and don’t forget to keep a track on your blood pressure through Equinox Blood Pressure Monitor EQ-BP 101 in order to keep it under control.


Happy Living!

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