Earning money! Are your earning health?

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The biggest concern in our modern lives is healthy living. People put a heck of efforts in organizing and managing their lives with stiff work, however, one misses out to take care of the most pivotal  [...]

How to maintain your blood pressure and lead a healthy life?

Yoga in the mountains, Freehold Creek valley, Otago, New Zealand

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The simple way to live happily is by maintaining sound health. Needless to say, health is the foremost inducing factor that keeps the spokes of human beings run smoothly and swiftly. It’s very im  [...]

World Health Day 2015 : Food Safety


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The most important thing in life is health. Sound health is the major life-support element that induces perfect living. Therefore, it becomes highly necessary to focus on health and subsequently safe  [...]

Mediation is a must for maintaining sound health.

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It’s worth turning the pages of traditional history to find some productive answer in the pursuit for modern living, healthy living to be precise. Mediation is one such topic, which is widely discus  [...]

Mediterranean Diet – Making a healthier and delicious shift to eating culture!!


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The planet earth naturally surrounds its geography in a way to make it an ideal habitat for all of us and one such part is Mediterranean region, which encompasses Southern Europe in the north, North A  [...]

Tips to build a Healthy Lifestyle

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A Healthy Lifestyle is adorned and desired by everybody, be it a teenage or an elderly person. From Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Essential Health Monitoring Devices, read on to know about all the Health  [...]