Can you survive without a Phone?

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Nothing can beat the excitement of owning a phone, especially a Smartphone! They say- “You got to get a Smartphone, to fit in this high-priced society”! While people judge you by how you carry yourself, which brand you wear, which phone you carry and which car you drive; you are forced to carry the branded  lifestyle to fit in this society, no matter that you can afford it or not!

life without phone

Back to the century of our mother and grandmother or say father and grandfather; when Mobile phones and television didn’t exist, and when people were not known by the brand they use, when there was nothing like Samsung and apple, and nobody knew what a computer was; it was probably the time when we were not developed. It was the time when materialistic things were never counted, and look at the time now!  It has changed so much so far. You just cannot live without a cell phone these days!

Imagine, you got to meet your friend, and you decided a place to meet at; but forgot your phone at home. How will you coordinate? Telephone booths, they suck! You are not going to walk an extra mile to find a booth. Are you going to do that? No!

Imagine a minute without whatsapp, and an hour without social networking. Imagine no internet recharges via phone, and no internet banking, nothing! Imagine, just Imagine!

While people freak out when they don’t get network on their cell phones, their phone breaks down or the internet isn’t working; imagining a life without cell phone is tough! But looking back, I wonder wasn’t the time better when there were no cell phones? Let me tell you the Pros and Cons of a Mobile phone now, so that you can compare.

Pros of Mobile Phones

  • Convenient: You are just a call away from your friends and relatives, be it a usual time or an emergency.
  • Cameras and video recording is on your tips: You just can capture anything and everything with your phone and you do not need to carry an extra camera for that.
  • Internet is handy: Your email, social networking, calls, messages, and everything is just a click away! You do not need to carry your laptop everywhere.

Cons of Mobile Phones

  • Cell phone addiction: You just can’t spend a minute without your phone as you just cannot live without it. Also you get psychic of the new technology, every time your friend grabs a new phone!
  • No personal space: You are so much engaged with people on the phone, that meeting them gets almost negligible.
  • Anybody can keep a track on you: You have to answer everybody you know on the phone, you just cannot avoid messages and calls for a long time.


No matter what gadget you choose, they will never replace the old face to face interactions. But since it is a personal choice, you have to choose if you want to get rid of your phone and live a life like the ancient people did or you just cannot survive without your phone! Hopefully, you are never going to text your mum or dad, sitting round the table to pass you water or the chicken, so face to face interactions is a bit more relevant and necessary! But as they say, “Life without cell phones is impossible; now you have to choose which way to go!

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