BlackBerry proves it’s still kicking, unveils Budget friendly Z3!

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Market share in steep decline, product lineup turning zestless, BBM Service got free on Android, No Blackberry loyalists around! I thought its dead! Blackberry is dead, I thought!

Is anybody out there? Did anybody think of the same? No wonder, there are a lot of you who thought it this way! But, Surprise, Surprise! BlackBerry proves it’s still kicking and the proof to it is that it unveils a new Budget friendly phone, Z3.

Blackberry Z3

Blackberry Z3


You aren’t dreaming! It’s alive! Check out the specifications of the Blackberry Z3 below:


  • DISPLAY: 5-inch qHD (960×540 pixels) 220ppi
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: BlackBerry 10.2.1 OS
  • PROCESSOR: Dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400
  • RAM: 1.5GB
  • STORAGE: 8GB expandable up to 32GB using a microSD card
  • CAMERA: 5 Megapixels rear/ 1.1 Megapixels front
  • BATTERY: 2,500mAh


Design & Display: Does the Z3 remind you of Blackberry Z10, the BlackBerry BB10 flagship from last year? Well, the Z10 was a bit thicker but the design language is the same. Weighing about 164g, this handset feels good in hand. The textured back make the phone look professional, as blackberry is meant to be! With a display screen of 5-inch, it impresses its fans and helps them keep away from the other brands which offer big screen phones. Although the qHD display is not as good as HD or Full HD, but you would not be able to make out the difference in resolution with at least 720p. Although the device could have pushed for HD, but never mind!

Performance: Running onthe 10.2.1 version of the BB10 Operating system, this device sports an Android-inspired pull down settings panel and quick sharing from anywhere. And what’s even more exciting with this device is its ability to accept most Android apps. The Dual Core 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.5GB RAM let you enjoy the smooth functioning of this device.

Other than this, you can expect your phone to function smoothly and not just this, you can also expect multi-taskingon a maximum of four apps at the same time. The performance does not lag even a bit even with four apps frozen.

In terms of memory, the Blackberry Z3 comes with 8GB internal storage, and you can add on to the storage with the SD card. Other than this, the phone also comes preloaded with DropBox, Evernote and various other apps.

blackberry z3 smartphone

Camera: You must have never heard anyone say, “I own a Blackberry because it has got an amazing camera”! Never! The camera in blackberry is just decent till date and the same goes for the Blackberry Z3. It performs pretty well in low light and is good in daylight. The 5 Megapixels rear camera and the 1.1 Megapixels front camera is good enough at this price range.

Battery: Battery being an important feature of any phone is given great value here. It can last for more than a day as its 2500 mAh. Yes, you heard it right, 2500 mAh. And for people who do not use mobile data all the time, the phone can work a little extra for a few hours.

Conclusion: The Blackberry Z3 is an affordable phone with great features. It is priced at around Rs. 15,990/- which is good enough for a 5 inch touch phone. You can enjoy using Android apps too in this phablet. Blackberry users may enjoy using the Android apps as they have always been deprived because of lack of apps in their handset.

Also this device is loaded with enough features to keep away its loyal customers from moving out to other platforms. However, it cannot be said if the platform offers enough incentives for those on other Operating system to jump to Blackberry. So, taking Blackberry could be a little experimental, but tech freaks like experimenting. Don’t you?

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