Android phones do lot better than iPhones.

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If the never-ending pursuit for fancy iPhones still hovers in your mind, it’s time for some serious makeover but not for the sake of satisfaction. No wonder, iPhones have dominated the desires of a large chunk of crowd ever since its inception yet there is something more exciting happening behind this delusive background. Can you dare to look beyond the illusion and fanaticism of iPhones? If the answer is Yes, then scroll down for some relative reasoning points, which will not only make you thoughtful but will also make your head spin while you prepare to buy your next iPhone over an Android based phone. Check out the below mentioned points, which clearly states how Android phones have stolen the show.



Now, the serious talk. (As no challenge is won by merely fighting with words)

Without leaving a choice, every app downloaded on an iPhone has to be on the homescreen, which looks unmanageable and complex. But, that is not the case with best Android phones as it gives its users the space to choose which app should go on the homescreen while keeping the rest in the app viewer. So, in Android phones full control of managing apps in homescreen.

It’s only with Android phones, you get completely visible file system and hence more control on files. For example, when someone connects his/her Android phone with computer, a similar and exactly same type of file system appears that one works with while searching on computer. It’s as swift as drag and drop. However, Apple does not give you such access to all your files.

The customization options in Android phones just looks great as it offers various customization choices with a large number of launchers, live wallpapers and themes. On the other hand, iPhones are constrained to parallax effect and dynamic wallpapers.

Android has its real worth when it comes to app development. It let developers integrate apps with the operating system at an advance level as compared to iOS. Therefore, in Android, apps talk to each other in a better way. Moreover, sharing content across apps in Android phone is flawless and seamless. Nevertheless, only with iOS 8 it seems working with extreme features.

When it comes to image management, Android is at par. It by default transfers downloaded photos, screenshots and pictures saved from messages into their own separate folders. iPhones are still to crack this.

The notification bar on top of Android phone’s screen is outfitted with icons, which keeps its users abreast of what they need they need to check and respond. But, there are no such icons at the top of an iPhone’s screen.

Almost every best Android phone support storage expansion through microSD cards, whereas Apple does not gives this freedom to its users. So, whether you buy an Android phone with memory as low as 4GB still it can be expanded via microSD cards, which is not at all possible in iPhones.

Yes, iPhone fingerprint scanner looks cool and stylish but Android phones have multiple ways to unlock a smartphone, including the option to develop a personalized pattern of own in order to unlock the device.

The Gmail app works more swiftly on Android than iPhone as phone numbers cannot be directly dialed from Gmail on iPhones.

So, stop thinking and rush to your nearest store or visit an online shopping destination to say three cheers and hip-hip hurray to Android Phones.

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