6 Tips to Conserve Your Smartphone Battery

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The global brands like BlackBerry, Apple and Samsung have shown their potential in configuring high-end phones that comes up with powerful features, apps and operating systems. Needless to say, a user buying a smartphone will certainly not sit back up, and use it just for managing calls. There are multiple things that a user can do over a smartphone. Right from listening to quality music to playing games to surfing net, there is a never-ending list of stuffs that a smartphone offers to its users.

Nevertheless, the colorful world of smartphones will look completely black without battery as it plays the major role in giving life to a smartphone. The more you use your phone, the more it will consume energy, and subsequently the battery will get discharged. What after that? You will charge your phone! Right? But, what if you are traveling, and you are deprived of a charging slot, and then your phone takes its last breath, and the battery goes begging for a charge?

Here are some tips to conserve your smartphone battery:

Turn Off Vibrations

Turn off vibration- final

When in theatre or in meeting, vibrations are great for notifying you about calls and messages. However, in places where it doesn’t matter, it will be smart to use the ringtone as notification rather than vibration. This will conserve a lot of battery and will help the smartphone to run for a longer period as vibrations consume more power than ringtones.

Dim your screen


It’s quite apparent that dimming the screen resolution will reduce the power consumption of your smartphone, and hence will save a lot of precious battery. Now, if your screen is on the brighter side every time when you check mails and such, the phone will use a lot of battery. Therefore, it is advisable to dim the screen whenever possible.

Close Unnecessary Apps


The craze of smartphone is specifically due to exciting Apps. Users generally install an array of Apps, and use them with full zeal and enthusiasm. Doing so, they open App after App, and simply don’t bother to close them even after using them. But, this multitasking capability of smartphone is the main reason of the demise of battery. Therefore, make sure to close the Apps when not in use.

Disable GPS


There are few Apps that consume more battery than other, and one of them is GPS System, which is used to track your location. Every smartphone has a GPS unit that allows sending and receiving of signals to and from satellites to track the definite location. Therefore, make sure to disable GPS when you there is no use of it.

Turn off Bluetooth, 3G/4G and Wi-Fi when not in use


As soon as smartphones start searching for signals for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., it starts to consume energy, and even when the network is poor, it keeps on scanning for a good connection. In order to save your battery, you must turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Mobile Data when not in use.

Minimize Notifications


As soon as the internet is connected, notifications like updates on the latest news, cricket scores, emails, etc., keeps coming. Now, this consumes lot of energy and reduces the battery power. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the phone settings option and manage the app notification stuff.

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