Why an expensive smartphone is less expensive?

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Gone are those days, when you have to save a lot to buy a high-end smartphone. According to the current market scenario, anyone willing to buy a smartphone can buy it without investing much. In the co  [...]

How to maintain your blood pressure and lead a healthy life?

Yoga in the mountains, Freehold Creek valley, Otago, New Zealand

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The simple way to live happily is by maintaining sound health. Needless to say, health is the foremost inducing factor that keeps the spokes of human beings run smoothly and swiftly. It’s very im  [...]

Wear the right pair of shoes, and get noticed


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The right outfit is necessary for a presentable look. But, is it enough? Certainly not. The one most important thing that grabs the eyeballs of many is your shoes. In the first place, people notice yo  [...]